Envy Glass - High End Glass Made in South California

by mina arian

Envy Glass - Made in south California

Envy Glass Designs is a family owned business in Southern California that has been in operation since 2005. Specializing in a unique style of electro-forming, Envy Glass has created some truly incredible and breathtaking Scientific Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs.
Envy Glass - South california Glass
At Aqua Lab Tech we carry a variety of designs from Envy, ranging from simple and cheap clear glass bongs to an assortment of heady and heavy duty dab rigs. Their most notable style is the Quartz and Agate Crystal electro-formed oil rigs, which feature real slabs of crystals from all over the world. Crystals are believed to bring restorative and positive energies to those near them, charging them under a full moon are said to help increase their power.
Meditation, reflection and self-healing can all be strengthened with the use of different types of Crystals. From shark teeth to dichro crystal embellishments, these heady glass dab rigs feature rare slices of Earth’s natural history. These jaw-dropping designs are crafted with such intricate detail, they are sure to serve as the ultimate conversation piece.