Subliminal Glass - Every Piece Made with Passion

by mina arian

A wide variety of sizes and prices to choose from-as well as colors! (this includes UV Reactive and CFL shifting colors) All American made color, all the time! Unique glass designs with top notch function! Customs made to your liking!    

  Everything is locally made by hard working people in the great north west! First quality Simax glass tubing & joints, extra thick custom 45/40 joints with o- ring groove that can only be found on Subliminal Pieces-Custom Magnetic K-Clips made in house!!

      To ensure the highest quality glycerin coils, we use high pressure vac caps that eliminate any cracking or leaking and allow us to put our glycerin in under vacuum. This means you can freeze our coils extremely low as well as wash them with hot water and not have to worry about any breakage! Interchangeable glycerin chambers are made with Allihn condensers, multiple coils, and bypasses to insure the coils will not clog!

Subliminal glass started in a shed in Southwest Washington State in 2011. It started with one man behind a torch and a small kiln. We have grown into an seven-man crew working day and night, deep in the woods. Through years of diligent practice, trial, error, and self-discipline, we have developed a unique style of flame working you won’t find anywhere else. Our mixture of detailed sculpting, intense pattern work, and advanced scientific assembly allows us to push the limits of glass blowing and pipe making.  From pocket rigs to torch tubes we offer a wide variety of one-of-a-kind artwork and scientific glass.  We aim to supply the community with flawless function and unique art by using first quality American and German glass. Everything is hand assembled in house by one or more of our talented crew members.