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    Smoke Spot Smoke Shop It is a shop you deserve. High end and Luxury glass , To your personal taste ,scientific glass, handmade pieces, handpipes, glass accessories Top of the line name brands Mothership , Mav and glass Handmade blowing art.

    Mothership Glass 

    Mothership glass is the Mercedes of glass world. They are the holy grail that sits on just a few lucky coffee tables. Mothership was started by legendary glassblower Scott Deppe, you may have seen some of his famous ray gun rigs. Here you can find at Smoke Spot


    Brothership Glass


    Smoke Spot Smoke Shop Proudly Carry Mothership Glass Whole line , which was one of the best glass company for 2018 ranking number 1 worldwide for that year . 

    we care about all the products we sell for  a high end Quality with one of the lowest prices.


    Mav Glass (Maverick)

    Maverick Glass is a great glass company that has been steadily gaining popularity since its inception in early 2000. The company started in Los Angeles, California by two brothers who have done some amazing things with the company and today Maverick Glass is still operating and manufacturing in LA. These guys work really hard and have an exceptional team of people on their bench that has put this company high on the totem pole in the scientific glass game. From hitting the trade shows avidly to having some of the best customer service out there, this company really has things down. “Mav” Glass consistently puts out exceptionally sleek designs that function seamlessly and all this is done at an affordable price!