Dime Bag 10" padded duffle tube - Magenta



  • ECO FRIENDLY HEMP FABRIC - Our Hempster blend of hemp and recycled polyester maintains all of the eco friendly and sustainable features of pure hemp with an improved smooth and soft feel. The hemp fabric is designed to resist fading, so colors last. The tough hemp blend also resists tearing, ripping and other physical damage.
  • PADDED GLASS PROTECTION - This duffle tube has a soft padded interior designed to keep glassware and accessories safe. It's shed-proof velour padded lining keeps your accessories undamaged and protected while you're on-the-go. While this bag is great for glass storage, it has many other uses as well! You can use this as a makeup bag, pencil pouch, or zipper pouch for almost any accessories you can think of.
  • REMOVABLE SMELL-PROOF STASH BAGGIE - The pouch comes with a clear stash baggie that is both removable and smell-proof for neat and discreet transportation.
  • HEAVY DUTY ZIPPER - The pouch's heavy-duty zipper keeps your things safe and secure. The durable zipper is designed to avoid binding, biting and separation. The zipper makes it easy to open the pouch when you want to and keeps it firmly closed when you don't.
  • VELCRO PATCH - The bag's removable Velcro Label makes it more discreet or can be switched out with a new Velcro patch design for customization.
  • Dimensions 

Lenght 10 inch 

width 4 inch 

depth 6 inch 

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