Medicali 13 inch Solar Recycler




NEW Medicali®  SOLAR Recycler Rig . Standing at 13” tall and made with Schott Boro Artistic Glass. Reinforced Downstem that sends the smoke through our NEW globe perc at the bottom of the base diffusing the smoke and recyling it up through the Vortex filtrator in the top chamber. This rig functions best with approximately 2 inches of water. Every SOLAR rig includes a Medicali® geometry symbol on the bottom of the base, along with a Hologram for authenticity. 


Height : 13 Inches
Joint : 14mm
Use  With : Concentrates
Comes  With : 14mm Male Flat Top Banger
Packaged: 20” Branded Medicali Box
Designed  By : Medicali® Glass
Made: Los Angeles California USA

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