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U Pass Fetish Urine - Smoke Spot Smoke Shop
U Pass Fetish Urine - Smoke Spot Smoke Shop
U Pass Fetish Urine - Smoke Spot Smoke Shop
U Pass

U Pass Fetish Urine

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Why Choose U Pass?

Real Uric Acid

This product already has uric acid pre-mixed which most labs now test for. Also, it works both for males and females. 

Not Targeted By Labs

It’s not as well-known as, for example, Quick Fix so chances are labs are not looking for this specific composition to catch cheaters. See comparison with Quick Fix here.

Produced By Safeguard

The company behind the product has years of good track record in the drug testing sector. They claim it never failed if used properly.

New Formula

The company recently updated their product formula to version 8.4 to stay ahead of the labs.

Ingredients List

The ingredients consist of those components that are necessary to replicate human piss.


Safeguard product doesn’t have creatinine levels below 15Mg per 1Kg of the body weight. These levels ensure the synthetic pee doesn’t look too diluted compared to natural urine. The creatinine has a specific gravity of concentrated solids and density which make the fake urine appear real.


The product’s artificial urine has a pH range between 4.6 and 8. This is important to look for when you purchase fake piss because it matches natural urine.


Urea is a component that shows up in natural urine. This is why UPass has urea. You should look for it in other fake pees too. If there is an absence of urea then your pee instantly shows as fake. U-Pass also replicates the same color and odor as real piss.
image of upass 8.4

Package contents

The package consists of these basic items which are easy to use:

  • 3oz synthetic pee.
  • One plastic bottle. This specialized bottle reduces heat loss.
  • Heating pad.
  • It’s used to help obtain the perfect temperature.
  • Rubber band. It’s used to attach the heat pad to the bottle.
  • Instructions

U Pass 8.4 Instructions / How To Use

It’s important to follow the instructions supplied with the packaging. It can be tricky so it’s recommended you practice a couple of times.

Step One

Heat the bottle with the fake piss in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Take the thermometer and measure if the heat of the pee is between 94-100°F. If it’s not at the desired level put it back in the microwave for a few more seconds. The temperature needs to remain in this range when you submit your sample.

Step Two

Close the bottle and shake the contents until you feel everything is mixed properly.

Step Three

Make sure the fake pee is at the desired temperature. Attach the heat pad to the bottle and secure it with the rubber band. The heat pad will keep the bottle at the desired temperature for a couple of hours. It’s best to warm the solution the day of your test.

Step Four

Again, make sure the temperature is between 94-100°F. It’s acceptable if it’s at 100°F so it can gradually cool down and reach the desired level.

When you pour the artificial urine in the collection cup it must not be exactly 3oz. In normal circumstances, the collection cup won’t catch all of your pee. When what you provide is shy of 3oz it doesn’t make the technician suspect there is fake pee in the cup.