Smoke Spot Reward Program

Join Smoke Spot Reward Program and Start Earning SPOT points once you Sign Up you can access your points by pressing the black tab (rewards) located to the bottom left corner 


Here are other ways to earn SPOT points 


 1 dollar Spent earn 1 SPOT point
Sign Up with us earn 100 SPOT points
Complete your profile earn 25 SPOT points
Birthday Gift earn 250 SPOT points
Like US on Facebook earn 25 SPOT points
Follow US on Instagram earn 125 SPOT points
Share on Facebook earn 250 SPOT points
Review a Product earn 100 SPOT points



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               Spot Member                           SPOT VIP                       SPOT PLATINUM
       Sign up to 1000 Points    1000 points to 3000 points          3000 points & more 
           Benefits                                Benefits                                  Benefits
         Free US  Shipping                   25 Dollars Gift                         50  Dollars Gift






Referring a friend




You Receive 500 Spot Points 

Your Friend Receive a 10% OFF 


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